Why help?

Why help?

Why help others?

Why should you even help others? Why not be an egoist and enjoy life to the fullest? We from expandyourimpact.org believe that one can do both, that is devoting a significant part of your life to helping others and still live your life to the fullest. This is because by helping others, you also help yourself. Helping others and contributing to their happiness will make you happy as well, even when your help is altruistic. Altruistic help means you help others without the intention to benefit yourself in any way. The beautiful thing about altruistic help is that, although having no intention to benefit yourself by helping others, it will end up just like that. Namely that you will become happy through the process of altruistically helping others. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to learn the 101 on altruistic help and how it can actually benefit you.

Egoist or altruist?

The view that humans are egoists has been a persistent one, and criticizing this view is actually quite a difficult task regarding all the supportive arguments and evidence regarding egoism. But critics haven’t been sitting idle. Especially the view that the nature of humans is more altruistic than egoistic has gotten stronger over time. Altruism, by definition, is the opposite of egoism. When you act altruistically you help for the sake of others, whereas when acting egoistic you only help others when the benefit for yourself exceed the costs of the helping act. Being completely altruistic in one's motives means that you would even accept to die if it means helping someone. Such a purely altruistic motivation, taken to the extreme, can quickly appear irrational. Suppose, for example, that someone is willing to die just so that another person gets two dollars and can buy an ice cream with it.

The choice is yours

Whether we are born as egoists or altruists is an interesting question, but our decision to help others shouldn’t be based on the answer to this question. This is because we, as human beings, have the right and ability to choose in which way we want to live our lives. And as we, as (mostly) rational beings generally do what we think is good (for us?), each one of us can decide for themselves whether to live one’s life more like an egoist or an altruist. We from expandyourimpact.org obviously believe that living an altruistic life is better than living an egoistic one. As there is truth to both views, we want to provide you with knowledge and good arguments to why one should live altruistically. So that you as a rational human being can choose yourself which path you want to go. We hope that you will see that reaching out to others and helping them in a compassionate way is a powerful way to find happiness in one's life.